Review Policies

We accept books of all genres in Young Adult and some Upper Middle Grade. We are more than happy and willing to accept any and all requests, but if the submissions are not in the age categories listed above, we will decline.

We only review books that have been published within the last six months or will be published within the upcoming year. If your book is outside of this time frame, we will decline. Please allow us an appropriate amount of time to read and review your book. Yours is not the only that we are reading.

If your book is part of a series, please inform us so that we can familiarize ourselves with the initial volumes. The best ways for you to do this is to send us copies of the other books in the series or to give us a complete synopsis of earlier books.

While we do our best to review all the books we receive in a timely manner, there may be a delay. Please also be aware that we do not and cannot review every book we receive and that we cannot accept every review request. If your book is not yet published but will be shortly, please let us know the publishing date so that we can include it in our review.

We are honest in our reviews so please do not send us a slew of hate mail, tweets, or Facebook statuses in the event that we do not give your book an outstanding review.

**Please do not email us requesting a guest post for anything outside the realm of YA literature. Neither we, nor our fans, are interested in marketing self-published books, building our own Twitter, or building our business with a series of small loans.

**If you are interested in any other project besides a review (such as an interview or guest post) please fill out the form on our Collaboration Policies page.

**We will not purchase your book to review it. If you would like us to review your book, please connect us with your publisher so that we can obtain a review copy.

Review Policies Last Updated: April 18, 2019

To submit a book for review please use the form below:


★ This is a star you did receive
☆ This is a star you did not receive


WOW! This book was super amazing! We think everyone should read it!


This was a good book and could be up your alley if you are into X genre. We were impressed.


This was OK. It wasn’t necessarily our favorite but it was well written and had a decent story.


This really wasn’t that great and only has one or two merits.


This was very poorly written, had a bad story, and was overall a horrible read. We may not have had the strength of mind to finish it.

Requesting/Submitting a Guest Post

We love having authors stop by on their blog tours to showcase their new books and bookish products. We also like having read their books before their post goes up, because let’s face it–it’d be pretty awkward to accept a post about a book we’ve never read. Moving forward, we would prefer guest posts to be any of the following:

  • An interview from one of our staff writers with the author
  • The author and a staff writer or friends playing some Bookish Games on our podcast
  • A discussion post about what it feels like to be an author
  • A discussion post about the process of writing the author’s most recent publication
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