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We’re looking for additional bloggers here at Booked All Night! It’s been so cozy with the three of us and now we’re looking to branch out. Whether you’re a newbie to book blogging or a verified Booknerdigan, we want to see what you can do. Below is an overall quiz of sorts just to see how knowledgeable you are about middle grade and YA literature, plus a few questions that are all about you, and space for some samples.


  • BOOKED ALL NIGHT DOES NOT PAY. Sorry. We’d love to. But Booked All Night is built on love. We’re here to build our portfolios, platforms, and skills as they relate to writing, editing, publishing, and all things book related.
  • Booked All Night has a specific voice-and that voice is professionally passionate. We are passionate about middle grade and YA books in all genres, but we also keep our fangirls in check. We are succinct (or at least try to be). There is no reason ever to belittle an author or the team that worked hard on any book. Reviews or blog posts of this nature will not be tolerate.
  • While everything below might sound like a lot, know that we are very relaxed here.
  • You will be responsible for one review of a new/upcoming book and one blog each month. Two posts total.

If you’re still interested, fill out the form below. We’re looking forward to reading with you.

Sample Book Review

Sample Book Blog

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