About Jessica

20507797_969903979427_2540463974497918233_oI am a writer, a reader, a blogger, a booktuber, a bookstagrammer, a reviewer, and so much more. I love new media, design, photography, coding (most days).

When I’m not reading… wait… there’s a time when I’m not reading? OH! I’m writing. When I’m not reading, I’m writing. The end.

I’m addicted to audio books. I can walk, drive, relax in the tub without worrying about wet pages, and fall asleep without the inevitable thud on my face.

I’m an aspiring author and I think by the content on this site you can probably tell what I like to write.

Happy Reading!

If you’re looking to connect with me here for an ARC review just fill out the form below! Thanks! Please keep the following in mind:

  • I only review YA and Middle Grade
  • I take books that will be published anytime in the future and that have been published as far back as six months
  • If I am interested in your book I will respond to your email. Please do not fill out an additional form
  • If I am reviewing your book(s), I am providing my honest opinion. Do not send me hate mail because you don’t like my review.
  • I cannot review every book that comes my way, but I certainly try.