13 Upcoming October YA Titles

October is usually the spoOoOoOoOoOoOkiest month of the year, but let’s be honest…this whole year has been damn spooky. That being said, here are 13 October titles that will hopefully make the tenth month of this year a great one.

1The Forest of Ghost and Bones
by Lisa Lueddecke
October 1

2Blazewrath GamesBlazewrath Games
by Amparo Ortiz
October 6
by Leslie Rush
October 6
4I Hope You're ListeningI Hope You’re Listening
by Tom Ryan
October 6
5One Way or AnotherOne Way or Another
by Kara McDowell
October 6
6Over the Woodward WallOver the Woodward Wall
by A. Deborah Baker
October 6
7We Were Restless ThingsWe Were Restless Things
by Cole Nagamatsu
October 6
8Above All ElseAbove All Else
by Dana Allison Levy
October 13
9This Is All Your FaultThis Is All Your Fault
by Aminah Mae Safi
October 13
10You Know I'm No GoodYou Know I’m No Good
by Jessie Ann Foley
October 13
11The Deep Blue BetweenThe Deep Blue Between
by Ayesha Harruna Attah
October 15
12Among the Beasts & BriarsAmong The Beasts & Briars
by Ashley Poston
October 20
13Magic Dark and StrangeMagic Dark and Strange
by Kelly Powell
October 27

Swati Teerdhala – Never Have I Ever Spoiled My Own Book Booked All Night

  1. Swati Teerdhala – Never Have I Ever Spoiled My Own Book
  2. Melissa de la Cruz and Margaret Stohl – Burn, Rewrite, Reread
  3. Choose Your Own Scare: A Night in Werewolf Woods

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