Too Many Tuesdays

If you’re an avid bookworm with a calendar full of highly anticipated release dates or a book blogger with deadlines (i.e. Our Audience) then you know that literally every book is published on a Tuesday.

As an adult with a day job, I have to wonder: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Just release it on a Friday! I get paid on Friday. I’d even take a Thursday release over Tuesday. I wake up before the sun on Tuesdays and get home after it sets. And I’m driving, always driving, so I can’t even read it if I do pick it up on a Tuesday.

And were I still in school–high school, not college– I would have to get up early and STILL WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO READ BECAUSE I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE!

We joke about it a lot behind the scenes here at Booked All Night. When’s that book coming out? I bet it’s a Tuesday. Oh, hey, Tuesday is here, I wonder what book came out. And as I’ve mentioned many-a-time on the podcast: I long for the days of midnight release parties.

Recently, there was an event near me on a Tuesday night, and as any bookworm who doesn’t live in New York City or Seattle knows, local events are hard to come by. The event started at 7pm, I got out of work at 5pm. It seemed ideal. Except, that by the end of the day all I could think about was travel time.

And on my way home from work I thought if this was a weekend I wouldn’t care.

Well, actually first I thought if I were younger I wouldn’t care but then I thought about it and yes I would.

Tuesday is such a horrible day for anything to get released. Everyone is busy–or tired from being busy. And how could you ever have a midnight release on a Tuesday? Why does Tuesday even exist? DOWN WITH TUESDAY PUBLICATION DATES!

Published by J. M. Tuckerman

A super nerdy YA-fangirl. Blogger at and Mom to two Lab/St.Bernards, one retriever mix service dog to be, and one nine pound orange tabby. Voracious reader. Collector of expensive paper (AS, BA, MA, MFA). Copyeditor. Proud Ravenclaw. Future NYT bestselling author.

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