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Clementine knows very well what is expected of her as the interim Dark Lord: there are dastardly deeds to accomplish, unsuspecting townspeople to frighten, a level of chaos and uncertainty that must be maintained. But Clementine has other priorities, too. Namely, who is this mysterious Whittle Witch, and what is her quarrel with her father? Is Darka Wesk-Starzec a friend or foe, and who—or what—is she hunting? And what happens if her father finds out that she, Clementine, is capable of light magic—or that she sometimes dreams of existing somewhere between the two moral extremes?

Sarah Jean Horwitz has once again constructed a magical universe that is engaging from the very first page. From Clementine’s loyal Gricken—the result of an accidental spell that transformed her grimoire into a chicken that lays spells, rather than eggs—to a talking black sheep named Dave, THE DARK LORD CLEMENTINE is a delightfully magical romp that poignantly explores the importance of distinguishing external expectations from internal motivations—and how sometimes, following your heart is a risk well worth taking.

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“After luring readers in with wordplay and tongue-in-cheek, genre-savvy humor, the plot takes an emotionally rich thematic turn, dwelling on community and forgiveness—all the while building toward a mythical, mystical arc involving the unicorn. The few action sequences are mined for utmost impact, as are the slice-of-life scenes and flashback vignettes…Absolutely delightful.”
Kirkus Reviews

Horwitz’s ingenuity for bizarre enchantment and characterization proves boundless… In a wry, satisfying ending, Clementine hints at future enchantments ahead.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The descriptions of magical beings are fittingly awe-inspiring  . . . this inventive fantasy twists conventions while involving readers through good storytelling laced with irony and wit.”

About Sarah Jean Horwitz:

Sarah Jean Horwitz grew up next door to a cemetery and down the street from an abandoned fairy-tale theme park, which probably explains a lot. She currently lives near Boston. You can find her at or on Twitter: @sunshineJHwitz

I found A PIECE OF CANDY!!! #giveaway #yalit #kidlit

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