Bursts of Fire

Bursts of Fire has so much going for it. Magic! Sisters! Political intrigue! But…

To survive. To fight. To restore balance.

The Falkyn sisters bear a burden and a legacy. Their mother, the imperial magiel of the kingdom of Orumon, protects her people from the horrors of the afterlife by calling upon the Gods with a precious Prayer Stone. But war among the kingdoms has brought fire and destruction to their sheltered world. When a mad king’s desire to destroy the Prayer Stones shatters their family, the three girls are scattered to the wilderness, relying on their wits and powers they don’t yet master.

Assassin. Battle tactician. Magic wielder. Driven by different ambitions, Meg, Janat, and Rennika are destined to become all these and more. To reclaim their birth right, they must overcome doubtful loyalties within a rising rebellion; more, they must challenge a dogma-driven chancellor’s influence on the prince raised to inherit his father’s war: a prince struggling to unravel the mystery of his brother’s addiction to Heaven.

Bursts of Fire, Susan Forest
August 6, 2019

An interesting, action-packed fantasy with a fresh twist on magic, a deep sisterly connection and a hard take on mental illness. I fell in love with the premise immediately. I just wanted it in my hands ASAP.

And when I did finally get into Bursts of Fire I was pretty excited. It sounded like it was going to be a hard and wild ride.

Unfortunately, that’s not the experience I had.

The writing was slow and heavy in a way that made me reread entire paragraphs just to grasp what happened. There were so many characters coming at you all at once that it was difficult to follow along. Multiple POVs is usually not so bad; you have an entire chapter to read and follow the character.

But in Bursts of Fire? Multiple POVs. Per. Chapter. There would be a few paragraphs and then BAM. POV change. While each POV shift was clearly marked by a paragraph break and a symbol, there was zero time to settle into the character’s head. You were only with them for five, maybe six, paragraphs (sometimes fewer) and then you were being whipped away to someone else’s POV.

I figured I could get used to it, and the longer I could read, the better I’d be at slipping back into the character’s heads. But I didn’t read long at all. I had to call it quits when a character spent several pages lusting after a handmaiden and then trying to kiss her, getting caught, and then masturbating for another page or so.

I’m all about sex-positivity, but the way it was done felt like this wasn’t even written for a teen audience. A lot of the writing didn’t even feel like a YA book. It read way too much like an adult fantasy with too many “teenaged” characters.

Bursts of Fire just wasn’t for me. I had to DNF it before I even hit the 20% mark.

Bursts of Fire publishes August 6th, 2019.

My Rating: 🌟🌟

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