6 Superfluous Books for Panem Fans

While the Hunger Games prequel is as of yet untitled and isn’t even set to release until May 2020, we’ve got some time to think and worry about whether Suzanne Collins will JK Rowling the world of Panem. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that but just in case–we’ve got some suggestions for additional guides and cookbooks.

Capitol Fashion: Revolutionary Ideas by Cinna

Everyone needs a power outfit, why not one to die for? Too soon? Been ten years, but still too soon?

Get your face punched in for your radical designs with this guide to Capitol Fashion from the Capitol’s hottest designer: Cinna.

Prose & Poise: A Guide to Public Speaking by Effie Trinkett

Chins up, smiles on! It’s time to perfect your diction and posture with Effie Trinkett. It won’t matter who you’re introducing into the game because everyone will be watching and listening to you.

Including the drunk at the end of the table.

Presidential Floral Arrangement

It’s the things we love that destroy us. But a rose could never destroy anything… or could it? Enter this handy guide from former Panem ruler, President Coriolanus Snow. Have you ever wanted to genetically engineer your garden to poison your enemies so you could seize power? Look no further, this is the book for you!

Cocktails & Sarcasm by Haymitch Abernathy

Here’s some advice: stay alive. There’s more to drink that way. What better way to make sure they remember you than to offer them a drink?

Bird Song by Rue

Gonna be out in the field all day or away from your ally in the games? Rue’s here to teach you and your feathered friends some new songs to signal the end of the day–or the lack of safety.

Home Edition


Randomly choose up to 24 players from your surrounding districts and force them to play with you against their will.

And remember:


Published by J. M. Tuckerman

A super nerdy YA-fangirl. Blogger at BookedAllNight.blog and JMTuckerman.com. Mom to two Lab/St.Bernards, one retriever mix service dog to be, and one nine pound orange tabby. Voracious reader. Collector of expensive paper (AS, BA, MA, MFA). Copyeditor. Proud Ravenclaw. Future NYT bestselling author.

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