Episode #9: Reading and School

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*Sorry for the late upload! Maggie and I were super jet lagged from residency.

School is just around the corner, or already in session for some of you. How do you keep up with your reading and writing life while school is in session? Jessica and Maggie have a few tips.

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4 thoughts on “Episode #9: Reading and School

  1. I, unfortunately, was not really able to read for enjoyment during school. In high school I was involved in marching and symphonic band, as well as All-district band and state orchestra, and AP courses. I had no free time. In college, I spent two years enjoying partying, and then the rest of my college career was in the medical lab tech program, so after reading for school, I had no interested in reading for fun. Now that I am a housewife focusing on my health with my type 1 diabetes, I have all the time in the world to read, and I love it!

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    1. Oh man do I feel that. When I was an Eng lit major I never read for pleasure. I didn’t have the time. Although I was a lot of sports, theater, and band in high school and I spent a lot of time free reading on the busses to and from competitions.
      I’m glad to hear you are focusing on your health now. Diabetes can be so tricky. What are you reading now that you have the time?

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      1. I wish I could have read on the buses. I get so motion sick 😦 . I have recently figured out how to read in a long car ride. I have to cover my face like I’m being smuggled somewhere, lol.

        I am glad as well. It is something I will always struggle with and even with not working it is still a struggle. I just started Gunslinger girl by Lyndsay Ely last night. I have been reading a lot of YA books and I get some Adult contemporary from Blogging For Books and First to Read. What about you?

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