Shadowhunters Ep 9 ★★☆☆☆

64bd74a1-9948-4c24-9838-35bdfd87b1ceLet’s use all the words like we’ve been using them all along and this isn’t still a new experience. I feel nothing for Clary, she’s just one of the unfortunate stereotypes of today’s literature attempting to make a strong female character. Overly confident and incapable of thinking ahead she gets on my nerves something fierce. A pale imitation of a “natural born leader,” Clary finds herself in charge of a Seelie/Werewolf/Vampire alliance. And that happens in minutes.

Just like every other arc that Shadowhunters has given us: let’s fly through it in minutes because viewers don’t have the attention span to let things unfold at a natural speed.

Then there’s Simon–poor doting plot device Simon–now a full on vampire because of Clary and her amazingly selfish decision to bring Simon back as a vampire. And as soon as we’re reunited as friends–we’re parting again. So glad Simon was turned just so that Clary had an excuse to get the vampires on her side.CbVuUNAW0AAOcGp

And of course, Shadowhunters can’t end without moving us forward another ten miles–Meliorne, the rescued Seelie, knows how to find Valentine, Clary’s father.

Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

But I did enjoy something about Shadowhunters Episode 9 and that is the use of music and rhythms. Tense parts, which could not be made tense by the show’s terrible writing, were enhanced by a low, quick heart-beat like base drum, which made it feel like my heart was racing.

Other cool music moments included the very end scene (which sucked), which had it’s own metal-esque background after Clary and Co. saved the day by being rebels.

Can’t wait to meet Valentine next week, which I imagine will happen in about five minutes.

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