Shadowhunters Ep 6 ★☆☆☆☆

shadowhunters ep 6Ugh. I suppose I can’t just leave my review of Shadowhunters Episode 6 as Ugh.

The acting–as usual–was terrible. And because I don’t care to relive it all just to review it. Let’s just leave it at: I used to think it was the writing and now I know it’s the acting.

Once again we fly through plot points leaving viewers completely ungrounded. I’m curious why the Simon is blatantly turning into a vampire is the longest stretching arc yet and why no one seems to notice. Meanwhile, in Shadowhunters Episode 6 we’ve been given the full back story that we were missing from the earlier five episodes.

Not glimpses of it. Not a little teaser bit where we have to go searching for some facts. All of it. We’ve seen the Mortal Cup, and we know where Jocelyn hid it. I’d also like to point out that Clary has stopped asking questions about it. Questions like:

  • How does the cup make new Shadowhunters?
  • And was it really the idea that Luke and Jocelyn had an affair that made Valentine go a little nuts, because it seems like it was his dissent that caused the connection?

But apart from the sheer volume of information vomit, let us not forget about all the characters arcs that finally came to a head in the sixth episode:

  • Jace and Simon finally come to a head about their feelings for Clary. In Episode 6.
  • Magnus and Luke vomit out all of the missing information. In Episode 6.
  • Magnus confesses his love at first site attraction to Alec. In Episode 6.

These arcs needed to be dragged out for their peaked to have any actual meaning. Suddenly Jocelyn was also an artist. And Clary’s artistry is magical and genetic.

Deus ex art project.

Also let’s talk about how Clary is suddenly super knowledgeable and accepting of her predicament. No longer freaking out and/or curious about the world around her she knows about the mortal cup, she readily accepts vampires and werewolves, and–why the heck not–she knows how to properly finish potions she’s never heard of.

The pacing. I keep talking about it. I keep hoping it will slow down. But it doesn’t.

Shadowhunters is incredibly disappointing.


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