Devil’s Daughter ★★★☆☆

I picked up Devil’s Daughter: Lucinda’s Pawnshop by Devil's DaughterHope Schenk-de Michele, Paul Marquez with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff from NetGalley earlier in the year and finished it back in August. It took me quite a long time to power through this one. There were many times when I wanted to just call it a DNF and go onto another book. But I was intrigued and curious enough to overpower my boredom.

Maybe it’s the fact that I was anticipating a young adult book and received instead an adult contemporary urban fantasy, which is my fault for not reading the NetGalley entry well enough.

Devil’s Daughter is about Lucinda, the daughter of Lucifer and Eve. She’s thousands of years old, and works under her father at their pawnshop, filled with mystical objects meant to turn humans to the devil’s subjugation. Lucinda works covertly to undermine her father’s plan for overtaking the human race.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t clear during my reading. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was that Lucinda was doing to take Lucifer’s plans down. Lucifer, meanwhile, was trying to set his daughter up with one of his minions, a fallen angel, but Lucinda instead fell in love with a human man.

There were so many point of views that it was difficult to keep track of. The first chapter isn’t even told from the main character’s perspective, it’s from some supporting character.

I can’t pinpoint the climax of the story or where the rising action was, or should be. It didn’t feel like there was much of a story to follow. The plot didn’t even really pick up until halfway through. It was a struggle to keep reading.

The characters, though, were a redeeming factor and the reason I kept reading. They were multifaceted and interesting, though I wasn’t all that interested in their love lives. It wasn’t enough to keep me invested in the story in the long run.

If supernatural contemporary fiction is right down your alley, I recommend Devil’s Daughter. It is part of a series, so take some time to look into it. As for me, it gets a solid three stars and no second glance.

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